Det fantastiske treet med celleveggen i bakgrunnen  14/1 2016

The Fantastic Tree

An exhibition presenting the growth of a tree and how the photosynthesis is the foundation of all life.

Maur i TRÅKK


How do Norwegians live off the nature?

Tømmerkjøring, Svartholtet, Elverum, Hedmark.

Forest in focus

Displays the Norwegian forest industry through history

Mari ser på ørret i akvariet 12/4 2005.

The Aquarium

40 freshwater species from mountain to coast

Utstillingen «Ulvetider» på Norsk skogmuseum

The Wolf's at the Door

The exhibition focuses on conflicts around wolves in Norway

Kunstutstilling 2017: "Vegkantalter"

Art gallery

Exhibitions are being changed throughout the year


The Glomma exhibition

From mountain to shore, through different landscapes

Guided tours

Eventful, exciting and varied


Fire Tower