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An exhibition about the wolf conflict in Norway

The wolf is a species that sets strong emotions in motion. In the exhibition "The Wolf's at the Door"", the Norwegian Forest Museum has worked in a completely new way where we use dialogue as a tool. The aim of the exhibition is to create insight and reflection, which in turn can provide dialogue.

Wolf standing between tree trunks in the exhibition Tråkk. A sheep can be seen in the background

The Norwegian Forest Museum wants to contribute to a better understanding of the opposing views and will itself be an arena where good discussions can take place. Through the exhibition, we want to facilitate a constructive development of a stuck situation. 

The main target group for the exhibition is young people aged 15–18, but we want to reach a wider audience and we believe that many people will enjoy and benefit from seeing the exhibition.
The exhibition is supported, among others, by Fritt ord, the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Anno Museums in Hedmark

Museum24:Portal - 2024.06.11
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