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The tourist information in Elverum


The tourist information in the Elverum region is located at the Norwegian Forest Museum.

A visit to the tourist information will among other things, give you information about accommodation, activities and attractions, free brochures and city maps. We also sell packages and tickets in our online booking solution.      

In addition to the tourist information at the Norwegian Forest Museum, you will also find touristin formation at the service offices in Våler and Åmot.

Våler Service office is open Monday –Friday 08.45 – 15.30.Telephone 62 42 40 00.

Åmot Service office is open Monday –Friday 09.00 – 15.00. Telephone 62 43 40 00.

The station shop by Elverum Skysstasjon (close to the train and bus station) has a mini tourist information.

  • Norsk Skogmuseum og Glomma fotografert fra helikopter under De nordiske jakt- og fiskedager 2014. (Foto/Photo)
    The Norwegian Forest Museum and river Glomma photographed from helicopter during the Nordic Hunting and Fishing Days Bård Løken/ Norsk Skogmuseum