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Forest in Focus

The exhibition “Forest in Focus” presents how the forest has evolved, and how the resources from the forest has shaped Norway’s forestry, labor and forest industry.

In the 1900s, the mechanization hit the forest industry. The exhibition shows how muscle power was replaced with mechanical power in the forest.

  • Tømmerkjøring med hest i Stavåsen 1971 (Foto/Photo)
    Jørgen Larsen from Hernes transports timber using horse and sleigh, Stavåsen 1971 Tore Fossum/ Norsk Skogmuseum (Bilde 1 av 5)
  • Skogsarbeider Johan Rasch i Svartholtet, Elverum, 1975 (Foto/Photo)
    Forest worker Johan Rasch working in Svartholtet, Elverum 1975 OT. Ljøstad/ Norsk Skogmuseum (Bilde 2 av 5)
  • Boforhold i koia (Foto/Photo)
    Living conditions in the cabin. The picture is taken during a survey regarding the forest workers' living conditions in 1932 Sønnik Andersen / Norsk Skogmuseum (Bilde 3 av 5)
  • Tømmerkjøring, Svartholtet, Elverum, Hedmark. (Foto/Photo)
    Timber transporter Johan Rasch with his døla horse in front of the stables at the Smaltjern cabin in Svartholtet, Elverum Tore Fossum/ Norsk Skogmuseum (Bilde 4 av 5)
  • Tømmermåling på Femunden, Engerdal, Hedmark. (1905). (Foto/Photo)
    Measuring timber at the Femund lake in Engerdal, Hedmark 1905 Anders Beer Wilse/Norsk Skogmuseum (Bilde 5 av 5)

Did you know that Norway was one of the leading exporters of timber already in the 1500s?

The exhibition displays the Norwegian forest industry through history. You will learn how the forests in Norway has developed since the last ice age, and that the coniferous forests are important for the ecological balance in the world.  

A separate room is dedicated to pictures and sound. One exhibition is called “In our forests” and is a poetic tale about the joys of exploring the forest and the mountain. The other one is called “Forest” and consists of a series of photos by the well-known photographer Johan Brun, accompanied by newly composed music.

There is also a room filled with activities for children. Here they can build, read, draw and try the slide.