PATHWAYS in diverse nature

How do Norwegians live off the nature? What has hunting, fishing and gathering meant for humankind in the past and now? How is the nature administered? You will get the answers in the exhibition «PATHWAYS in diverse nature». Maybe it makes you want to go for a walk? You will also get knowledge of how to preserve game, fish, mushroom and berries.

  • Interiør i utstillingen Tråkk i mangfoldig natur. 2015 (Foto/Photo)
    From the exhibition PATHWAYS in diverse nature Bård Løken/ Norsk Skogmuseum (Bilde 1 av 3)
  • Maur i TRÅKK (Foto/Photo)
    Giant ant seen in PATHWAYS Bård Løken/Anno museum (Bilde 2 av 3)
  • Interiør i utstillingen Tråkk i mangfoldig natur. 2015 (Foto/Photo)
    Camp fire, a part of the PATHWAYS exhibition Bård Løken/ Norsk Skogmuseum (Bilde 3 av 3)

Exciting for the children

  • Hear with the ears of a deer, see with the eyes of an eagle
  • Listen to the fairytale of how the bear lost its tale, crawl into the bear's den
  • Go fishing in the pond, and learn what kind of fish you catch
  • Play the puzzle game and learn where the animals live and what they live off

Exhibition highlights

With the help of games and specialization, science and magic, you will learn about hunting, fishing and gathering for nutrition, sports and fun. However, there are also some serious aspects. Is it ethical to enjoy hunting and fishing? Why is biological diversity so important? Which species need extra protection? Which species are unwanted? How have we hunted and captured predators through the ages?

The exhibition allows you to take a closer look at the Norwegian wildlife, primarily species we can hunt. The four large predators – lynx, wolverine, wolf and brown bear – are also represented. You can watch a film about fishing, or you can go fishing yourself, in our magnetic fishpond.     

What do we know about the senses of the animals and the fish? How can we outsmart them? In the exhibition, you will find examples of how fishing and hunting have been performed from early days and to modern times.  

How big a part of the Norwegian country are national parks, protected watercourses or wilderness? A large-scale map will give you the answers.

 Could you need some good fortune in fishing and hunting? The black book has the recipes for everything you need. 

Facts for the hunters

Did you know that theNorwegian Elkhound can make the elk stand still? The dog’s barking lets thehunter know where the elk is located so he can sneak up in shooting distance. Thiscan last for minutes and hours. In the exhibition, you can see an elk bullbeing guarded by an Elkhound. This is one of the museum’s most famous displays,and dates back to 1972.    

Facts for the chefs

Did you know that we need lactic acid bacteria to make rakfisk, the traditional fermented fish dish? When the bacteria breaks down the carbohydrates in a food product, lactic acid bacteria is being made. This creates a sour environment, not suitable for harmful bacteria and fungus. This makes the food more durable and gives it a distinctive texture, smell and taste. People have been using this method long before they knew about the existence of bacteria.