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Cascading waterfalls, steep mountain peaks, long fjord arms, wind-blown rapids - Norwegian nature is unique and magnificent. The wildness of nature, full of power and potential, can be tamed and turned into electrical renewable energy. But it has its price.

Picture from the exhibition power at any price. "the challenge is to solve one problem without creating another!"

Our consumption of power is increasing strongly. Access to renewable energy is a prerequisite for solving the climate crisis. The politicians have decided that Norway will be electrified.

How can we achieve this without destroying nature? And can nature be restored? The exhibition both asks questions and creates reflection around these important themes.

The exhibition is about the great energy shift we are in the middle of. Where we are moving away from oil, coal and gas and over to renewable energy, but that this also has its price. The exhibition is about the energy country Norway, about hydropower and wind power, about energy electrification, climate crisis, nature crisis and nature restoration. It poses questions to the reader and creates reflection.

Museum24:Portal - 2024.05.28
Grunnstilsett-versjon: 2