The Aquarium - From Mountain to Coast

No other place in Norway can you see so many different species of living freshwater fish under one roof.

The Aquarium – From Mountainto Coast is one of Norway’s largest freshwater aquariums. Here you will find many of the over 40 fish species living in Norway’s fresh waters. Focusing on river Glomma, the Aquarium is divided into ten living areas; from nutritionally deprived mountain lakes to the river mouth by the shore.  

  • Røye i akvariet på Norsk Skogmuseum. (Foto/Photo)
    Arctic char in the Aquarium at the Norwegian Forest Museum Bård Løken
  • Mari ser på ørret i akvariet 12/4 2005. (Foto/Photo)
    Close to the fish in the Aquarium OT. Ljøstad/ Norsk Skogmuseum