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Practical information

Here you will find what you are wondering about in connection with your visit to the Norwegian Forest Museum.


The Norwegian Forest Museum is located near the center of Elverum. The pedestrian and cycle path along the river takes you to the museum from all sides of the city. There is a joint ticket for the Glomdal Museum and the Norwegian Forest Museum. If you enter via Glomdalsmuseet, it is only a 10-minute walk through beautiful open-air areas.


We have arranged for caravan emptying during the museum's opening hours during the summer season. You can get the key and information at the reception. Price NOK 100.

At the Norwegian Forest Museum, we have a comprehensive museum shop with quality goods and gifts for young and old. At the reception you can also buy kiosk goods, ice cream and drinks.


The Forstmann restaurant, which is located in the museum building, you can enjoy everything from coffee and cakes to lunch and dinner.

You are also allowed to bring food with you. Eat outside or at the prepared dining area downstairs. ​Open fires are prohibited on the museum's premises, but grilling is permitted at established barbecue areas on the mainland. All grilling on Prestøya is prohibited.

Mobility impaired

The Norwegian Forest Museum is well equipped for people with reduced mobility. There is a wheelchair access to the entrance and indoors there is plenty of space for aids such as a wheelchair or walker. There is also a lift between floors. Outdoors, we have wide walkways that make it easily accessible for everyone.

Toilets and other facilities

We have good toilet facilities on all floors. On the lower floor you will also find a changing room and wardrobe. We also lend wheelchairs, walkers and prams if needed (limited number).

We have a large open-air museum where children and adults can frolic freely among cultural monuments and activity areas. Here, children can play in the Bekkeverkstedet, fish in the Children's fish pond and play in safe and content-rich surroundings. Dogs are allowed in the museum's outdoor area. Please keep the dog on a leash and use a dog bag if necessary. The dog can be led through the reception area.


In the period 15 May – 15 September, you must buy a ticket to gain access to the open-air museum during opening hours. From 16 September to 14 May, there is free access to the museum's outdoor area around the clock, but we reserve the right that the gates may be closed during major events at the Norwegian Forest Museum or Glomdalsmuseet.

Please note that the gate at the suspension bridge between the Forest Museum and the Glomdal Museum will be closed at 21.00 every evening.

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