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We invite you to the Nordic hunting and fishing days at The Norwegian Forest Museum in Elverum. The 58th in the row! Over the years, hunting and fishing days has become Norway's most important meeting place for outdoor people, hunters and fishermen with over 30,000 visitors annually.

  • Harehund (Foto/Photo)

In 2020 we have a lot on the program. It is a place fore pleasure, learning and shoping. We can offer lectures, cultural history, traditional handcraft and childrens activities in addition to large hunting dog shows. There is also a lagre trade area for hunting, fishing and outdoor equipement to mention some of the things you can do.

We continue the "Innlandsfisketorget" on Prestøya, an area where you can meet fishermen, fish scientists and learn about fish and fishing. There will also be activities for children and lectures. At the fireguard tower you can meet the forest firefighters, who spread important knowledge to children and young people. There will be different lectures; about wilderness, fishing and hunting. 

 We hope you catch the opportunity to learn, meet people, shop and enjoy yourself, in a nice and professional environment at the Norwegian Forest Museum.


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1 Museum building | 2 Auditorium | 3 Conference department | 4 Botanical garden | 5 River park | 6 Amphitheater | 7 Food market | 8 Crafts Square | 9 Pavilion | 10 Fire watch tower | 11 Forestry square| 12 Hunting and fishing square| 13 Casting pond | 14 Activity area | 15 Friland | 16 Exhibition hall | 17 Magazine hall | 18 The barn | 19 Farmers market | 20 Stabbursgata | 21 Knives square | 22 Kiwanis grills | 23 Crafts square (Old Sanne) | 24 Fish pond | 25 Fish Square | 26 Smoking of fish