Museum grounds

  • Barn leker i klatrestativet under Skog og vann 2014
    Children having fun on the climbing frames Bård Løken/ Norsk Skogmuseum

The extensive museum grounds are idyllically located close to river Glomma. There are different areas for grown-ups, children and families.

The play area at the Forest Edge, right outside the museum, lets children play and explore and is a very popular area. At the island Prestøya, located in the middle of river Glomma, you will find a large selection of old cabins and forest lodgings. You may also visit the Children’s Fishing pond or taste the hot smoked fish during the Nordic Hunting and Fishing Days. From Prestøya you have the opportunity to walk across the extended bridge, across Prestfossen, to the Glomdal Museum.       

River Glomma by the Norwegian Forest Museum has great fishing opportunities and many visitors take advantage of this while visiting.